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Although Hajjar does not share his theory about the murders being connected, Audran begins to suspect there might be more to the recent killings than meets the eye, and wonders where the so-called Phoenix File fits in.

The protagonist is Bob Arctor, member of a household of drug users, who is also living a parallel life as Agent Fred, an undercover police agent assigned to spy on Arctor's household.

Even in a world where technology exists to connect everyone’s mind to one another, it would seem that some secrets can still remain hidden.

In 1990, hardware engineer Todd Griffith is shot after discovering a secret function in a computer chip.

And Todd s been in a coma for nearly half a dozen years.

The cyborg would not recognize the Garden of Eden; it is not made of mud and cannot dream of returning to dust." His friends are either missing, in danger, or altered. And Jade, the mysterious, cyber-enhanced woman watching over him, will give no answers.Taking place some months after the events described in When Gravity Fails, Marîd Audran, once a small-time hustler on the streets of the decadent Budayeen, finds himself as one of the lieutenants of Friedlander Bey or "Papa", the most influential man in the city.With his independence taken from him and being stationed as a liaison between Bey and the local law enforcement under the supervision of Sergeant Hajjar, Audran is forced to pair up with his colleague Jirji Shaknahyi in order to track down yet another serial killer who likes to remove some of the internal organs of their victims.Meanwhile, an intelligence thought trapped within Paragon has escaped to Northgate.Driven to fulfill the goals of the mysterious “Planners,” it, too, seeks allies.

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