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The consensus definition now requires a trait to be heritable for it to be considered epigenetic.

A consensus definition of the concept of epigenetic trait as "stably heritable phenotype resulting from changes in a chromosome without alterations in the DNA sequence" was formulated at a Cold Spring Harbor meeting in 2008, From the generic meaning, and the associated adjective epigenetic, C. Waddington coined the term epigenetics in 1942 as pertaining to epigenesis, in parallel to Valentin Haecker's 'phenogenetics' (Phänogenetik).

Even though my then-idol Britney Spears appeared on the red carpet with an unshaved armpit in the same year that I started, I still came of age during a time when naked photos of women showed them naked , when pink-colored razor blades were marketed to girls as a cute accessory (even if they were no different than men’s razors except in color), and when I stocked my first bathroom outside my parents’ house with shaving products as a sign of maturity and independence (never mind that I didn’t know how to wash a pan).

I would like to say that I stopped shaving once I had read enough feminist literature, and that might be partially true, but the more direct answer is that I stopped shaving because the concerns in my life grew much bigger than body hair.

“They wore Band-Aids on their mistakes as a cool way to let everyone know they were shaving.” For others, the drive to shave came from ideas of femininity they had acquired on their own.

“I loved everything about the rituals I connected with being a woman,” another friend said.

I started shaving around 13, when, dressing up with a friend for a party, she suddenly shrieked: “Ew, what is that?

A few friends have told me that, even though they don’t regularly shave, they will get the razor out for a date.During morphogenesis, totipotent stem cells become the various pluripotent cell lines of the embryo, which in turn become fully differentiated cells.In other words, as a single fertilized egg cell – the zygote – continues to divide, the resulting daughter cells change into all the different cell types in an organism, including neurons, muscle cells, epithelium, endothelium of blood vessels, etc., by activating some genes while inhibiting the expression of others.“This is an emergency,” she declared, and pulled me into the bathroom, where she tore off the wrapper on a brand-new Venus Gillette, held my arms up, and bit by bit, shaved off any of my own early ideas of what a woman should look like.After a quick round of consultation with female friends, it seemed that peer pressure was a prevalent reason for girls to start shaving.

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