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Carcasses with diseases or conditions which occurred while the birds were still alive.These defects occur at the farm level or during transport to the slaughtering establishments.Proposed amendments to this policy shall be forwarded to the applicable Poultry Area Program Specialist.

The washing cabinet should be equipped with a three-sided splash shield or equivalent and with a non-splash spray nozzle meeting program requirements.

Upon receipt, all proposals must undergo review by the National Poultry Specialist, and must be subsequently approved by the Director, Meat Programs Division (MPD), Animal Health Directorate (AHD) for incorporation into this document.

An industry employee accredited to examine the exterior of carcasses and to identify and remove carcasses with specified pathology and/or processing defects.

Carcass Defect Detectors may also be referred to as "Preselectors"., following stunning and bleeding, the removal of the head, feet at the ankle joint, feathers, oil glands and the digestive, respiratory, reproductive and urinary systems.

The head, feet, kidneys and reproductive system may be left attached to certain categories of poultry., airsacculitis, salpingitis) from within the abdominal cavity of carcasses by vacuuming, scraping, trimming, or combinations thereof at a designated off-line work station according to the operator's approved written protocol.

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