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HBO's explosive Scientology documentary, "Going Clear," has shed a new light on the controversial church.In the film, director Alex Gibney is especially critical of famous church members Tom Cruise and John Travolta for allegedly turning a blind eye to the reported harassment suffered by church members.“No one is going to tell me how I need to think, no one is going to tell me who I can, and cannot, talk to," the actress told People Magazine."I thought about the family being broken up for some other cause, and I’m not about to shut up.” Her outspokenness has some other ex-Scientologists piping up too.The Ethics Officers are working overtime, but Miscavige’s personal troops, the ‘OT Ambassadors,’ are also being sent forth to do battle with the forces of evil,” he wrote, referring to the Scientology term “Operating Thetan,” which involves members achieving a number of different levels. She is one of the most down-to-earth, honest and truly caring celebrities I came across in Scientology.

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She was repeatedly in trouble with 'ethics' officers who reprimanded her.

Her decision to leave was so much braver,” Haggis wrote.

“I will leave it to you to decide if the same can be said of Scientology’s executives and Leah’s many former friends -- especially those Scientologists who are watching her be smeared now and are choosing to stay silent.” The silence from Scientologists may not last for long, but those “former friends” Haggis speaks of may not have nice things to say, according to veteran publicist Roger Neal.

She continued also to ask about Shelly, and in October 2012, she had a meeting with David Miscavige himself, which really didn't allay her concerns.” Remini’s sister told Ortega that at that point, the “King of Queens” actress knew she was going to leave, but spent several months preparing her family for it, knowing that the church would attempt to force "disconnection" on them.

Scientology’s rep initially responded to the Remini situation by issuing a statement that “The Church respects the privacy of parishioners and has no further comment,” but called the allegations of “interrogations” and “thought modification” both “absurd and pure nonsense, as are all the statements made about the Church’s leader, David Miscavige.” A rep for the tax exempt organization also insisted that suggestions Shelly was missing were refuted last year by her counsel and that “any statement about her, a private person, is inappropriate for publication.” “The two bloggers who have been pushing this story have been obsessed for years with spreading falsehoods to smear the Church. You really should look into the specific Internet sources being used in this story,” said rep Karin Pouw, adding “links with documentation of their unreliability” to

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