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The county of Burgundy passed into the sphere of influence of the Capetian kingdom of France with the marriage in 1307 of its heiress to the future Philippe V King of France, although it retained its separate administrative existence until it was consolidated in 1383 into the extensive territories of Philippe II "le Hardi" Duke of Burgundy [Valois].

The county of Burgundy was among the territories which passed to the Habsburg family as a result of the marriage in 1477 of Marie, daughter and heiress of Charles Duke of Burgundy, to the future Emperor Maximilian I. The Chronicle of Saint-Bnigne de Dijon records a donation by "Otto comes cognomento Willelmus" with "filii eius Rainaldi" dated 1004 "pro anima Hinrici Ducis, qui eum loco filii adoptavit et genitricis sue Gerberge uxoris predicti Ducis, ac filii sui Widonis et Hermintrudis coniugis".

Iudith, adding that she married Rainaldo Burgundionum comiti by whom she had Willelmum et Widonem (the marriage is recorded in a later passage), daughter of --- (-[26/27] Jul, 1037 or after).

This may be indicated by Renaud's sons being described in the charter as "filii eius" rather than "filii eorum", although it is acknowledged that the use of these two grammatical variants is inconsistent in contemporary sources.

He succeeded his father in 1026 as RENAUD I Comte de Bourgogne, although at that time the "county of Burgundy" did not yet exist as such, Bouchard suggesting that the title was purely descriptive of the area in which Renaud exercised his power.

The Chronicle of Saint-Bnigne, interpolated into the Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines, records that "filius eius [=comes Otto Guilelmus] comes Rainaldus" succeeded his father in "terram ultra Sagonnam" dividing the territory with his nephew "filius alterius filii eius Guidonis, alter comes Otto".

Adalberto King of Italy fled to Burgundy after he was expelled from Italy by Emperor Otto I in the mid-960s.

After ex-King Adalberto died in 971, his widow married Henri Duke of Burgundy [Capet], who adopted as his heir Othon-Guillaume who was his wifes son by her first marriage.

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