Keropok lekor bukit tok beng online dating

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A few seconds of getting into the track and we were already taking turns, and I couldn’t keep my head straight as the car was turning, basically my head lolled around banging on the sides of the car everytime we took a turn..

I totally really forgot about that particular contest as the entry form was just a simple sms.We were given a big box with a small card inside and that’s it.Doesn’t actually inspire us to what we were going to experience….The short wait was intense as I could really see that one by one the participants all had some good fun.I couldn’t even concentrate when talking to one of Maybank’s manager… Was introduced to the driver Patrick Friesacher, took a photo with him and the car. it was not easy as it was a real tight fit, my leg essentially was straddling the driver although then it dawned on me that i’m probably not going to be able to get any front view at all as the head rest for the driver was blocking most of my view… hihi the pit crew then helped to secure me, lots and lots of straps.

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