Is tim mcgraw dating sandra bullock

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[quote]It takes elite status to be a member of exclusive Soho House, the club and boutique hotel that was founded so that media professionals and high-profile personalities would have a private place to meet up for dinner or a drink. He's competent most of the time, but nothing special. Sandra's publicist definitely did not want Sandra and Ryan's outings revealed, which makes me think that there was something there.[quote]Word has it that last weekend, both Sandra Bullock and Patti Stanger were there, as Sandy entertained her co-star from "The Proposal," Ryan Reynolds (sources speculate it was a congrats dinner for his Sexiest Man Alive 2010 title from "People" last week). He is a good looking man in an average sort of way. I don't think that Ryan and Sandra were having an affair, though.He tried to go straight with Scarlett, mostly for his image. Jesse began tweeting about how much he loved Kat, how he had never been loved the way that Kat loved him, and then he announced his engagement to her via PEOPLE magazine with a thinly-veiled dig at Sandra. After Sandra went on television and denied having a relationship with Ryan, Jesse shut up about Kat, and the rumored February wedding never happened. He has probably tried to be straight, but has found by now that he cannot carry it off.R33, I don't think that Sandra Bullock is a lesbian. Since Tate Donovan dumped her, she has gravitated toward younger guys with one exception (Austin musician Bob Schneider). Yeah, but you have to admit that on Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place... He looks superdeformed in that full-length pic, but I think it's the wide-angle lens aimed from above. Whether or not he likes the peen, he just doesn't look gay enough to carry off that suit.[quote]Where are the ex tricks, surely they'd spill the beans on him Surely, they won't.For each of them you can also see the number of scenes he/she starred in.Clicking on the name will bring you to the specific list of the scenes with that person.It's funny - Scarlett Johansson was tweeting one evening and asking that others ask her questions.

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it's nice 2 know some ppl keep up w/ even basic hygiene when theyre not making money Sorry, but IMO, Ryan Reynolds is gay. He and Sandra Bullock maybe friends, but that's it. He could have spent that time screwing hot men and/or women. As soon as the reports about Ryan and Sandra spending New Year's Eve started, Jesse suddenly became active on Twitter after not tweeting for months. R38 I think, mostly because Rich was a drama-queen and could be a bit of a diva, and no girlfriends, and Ryan had a girlfriend that was a steady visitor to the stage. Ryan was tip-toeing and prancing effeminately upon leaving a plane in some airport photos, wearing clothes and cap that pretty much screamed gay combined with the mincing walk.

Published on November 19, 2010 [quote]The couple's tribulations may be the reason the abs-solutely fabulous Reynolds did not make a cameo on "Saturday Night Live" when his Lamborghini-curved wife hosted the show last weekend.

[quote]In October 2009, Johansson put in a surprise "SNL" appearance when Reynolds was the show's guest host.

Though we hear producers were interested in having the upcoming "Green Lantern" star make a similar cameo, Reynolds declined, saying he planned to attend the Michael J.

Fox Foundation's "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson's" benefit at the Waldorf instead.

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