Is jena irene dating caleb johnson

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A few months after returning home from touring, Johnson released his first major debut album titled, “Testify” on August 12, 2014 under his new recording label, Interscope.

The singer later announced that the album had been recorded in three weeks in between the competition finale and the tour.

Johnson shortly released his debut album, in which he had cowritten most of the tracks, “Testify” on August 12, 2014ーit debuted at the number 24 spot on the US Billboard 200 Chart and sold over 11,000 units during its first week.

Despite having been able to make it further into the competition compared to the previous year, Johnson was eventually cut from the show after a less than ideal performance of “Old Time Rock and Roll”.

Determined to succeed a third time around, Johnson once again auditioned in 2014 for the thirteenth season of the show.

But what has the 70’s-style rock singer been up to recently? Besides being known for his vocals during those days, Johnson was also an athlete and had played for various sport teams.

He was also an active member of the local church, Calvary Baptist and had often involved himself in various missionary and volunteer work.

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