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You can see a 5K in action in a number of Brian Hefferan’s videos. There was one on e Bay with the quite staggering asking price of ,000. If you find one, you’ll probably get five figures for it.

The Antiques Roadshow recently valued one at ,000 to ,000. Martin did briefly make a mahogany version of the Style 5. Martin have recently started making Style 5’s again and you can find them for sale on Elderly.

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Martin Style 4 There is, apparently, no such thing. Martin Style 5k If you find one of these in a junk shop, count yourself very lucky.

One way you’ll see regularly is people advertising the uke “w/ Martin strings” in the title.

You see ukuleles refered to as ‘Martin style’ – even when they clearly aren’t (Kiwaya are an exception to this).

Another is people speculating that the ukulele is a Martin – it rarely is. Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything from a seller that uses such desperate tactics.

A customer brought an old vintage Martin into our shop today to value it and possibly sell it. The binding has also broken off on the left side of the lower bout.

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